• double sealed to eliminate any condensation between layers
  • scratch resistant, don't yellow or get brittle over the years
  • have a thermally superior all-weather aluminum frame
  • have a condensation gutter
  • are the best ’R’ and ’U’ value in North America
  • Check our Price list here!

Sunburst Skylights Also Offers “Custom Made Screens for Opening Skylights” made by PNR Screens.


More Features:

  • We offer numerous STANDARD sizes, which are made of Aluminum frames.
  • We also are more than happy to manufacture CUSTOM sizes, which are made with aluminum and carry a 10-year guarantee.
  • As well as the very popular LowE glass, we offer many other types of glass, such as clear, blue, bronze, laminate. All of our glass is Tempered.
  • We offer a range of Opening Skylights, either Manual or Electrical.

How to determine size

We always recommend that a qualified roofer or builder install skylights, however, you may wish to determine the size you want. Selecting units that fit between the roof trusses will reduce the amount of labor required for installation.If you need assistance finding a Local Roofer or Builder, please Contact Us.

Calculate one square foot of skylight for every 20 square feet of floor space. Choose one large skylight or several smaller units to achieve the effect you want.

For Example, Your room is 12’ x 12’, or 144 sq. ft. Divide by 20 sq. ft. of floor space and you will need 7.2 sq. ft. of the skylight.

(Do It YourSelf)

Installation Instructions

Click here for Curb Mount Installation Instructions for Sloped Roofs

(4 pages in pdf format)

Flat Roof Situations

The best option and most durable alternative is to build a Raised Sloped Curb 3:12, (14 Degrees), or Higher, (Sloped to the Down Pipe Side), to accommodate one of our Flat Glass LOE366 Tempered Aluminum Skylights.
Then Flash and Counter Flash. This has been done on many Flat Roof Residences and Commercial Buildings with great success. You will gain a longer Warranty, Higher Infiltration and Exfiltration Rate, Higher UV Control, and a Visually Cleaner Surface. Feel free to give us a call if you need assistance.